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Frequently Asked Questions

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Use your phone to scan the QR code on the pet collar. Follow the link on your phone to the form. Fill the data in (such as pet name, breed, contact info etc). Mark the fields you want to be made public. Put the collar on a leash, and you are done.

You choose what people can see, only name? only phone? no data at all and our site is in in between messaging? Your collar your choice

Yes, you can have as many QR tags as you want and register all of your pets.

You can choose what other people can see such as only the name, only the phone number or no data at all. Your collar, your choice/p>

Scan your own collar, click on "I am the owner" and follow the directions on the form. It's that simple.

Yes. As the pet owner, you can set what is visible to public.

No. You do not have to download anything. is a web based platform. Optional mobile application is on our roadmap

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